A digitizer for technical visio style drawings?

  • LarsWA

    I am looking for advice and experience for using a digitizer for doing technical drawings. I do a lot of those when I do IT-integrations architechture and integrations dataflow drawings.

    And I am tired of moving Visio boxes around and spending forever drawing little arrows.

    I was thinking about getting a digitizer and using that to get started. But have no experience about what king of integration there is to non-artistic drawing apps. Anybody have any experience along these lines?

  • Answers
  • saveenr

    I used a Wacom tablet instead of a mouse in general when i use my PC. I far prefer using the pen when drawing in Visio.

    Having said that, Visio doesn't really take advantage of any of the tablet's artistic features: pressure sensitivity, eraser, etc.

    If you are considering any using a tablet then get a basic model to start wit. Monoprice makes a very inexpensive one for example (here's a review: http://frenden.com/post/31659364200/the-little-monoprice-graphics-tablet-that-could ).

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    Is it possible to have a field in Visio 2003 that will update to the current date when the file is updated?

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  • hanleyp

    I don't have Visio 2003 available at the moment to try this out, but it looks like you can add a date/time field with Text Tool which will display the date when the document was created, revised, or printed or the current date or time.