raid - Adaptec ASR-7805 bios password

  • Ilia Rostovtsev

    I would like to set the password for Adaptec ASR-7805 BIOS utility, which you access by pressing CTRL+A, right when the system boots, in order to prevent possibility of unauthorized access for managing/erasing my arrays? I have checked inside of BIOS but didn't find anything that would work around?

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  • Ilia Rostovtsev

    I have created a ticket with Adaptec tech-support and got a reply saying that BIOS passwords are not supported. In other words you can not set a password for Adaptec ASR-7805 BIOS.

    Which is sad and unreasonable for me!

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  • soul

    Specifically Phoenix bios.

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  • Blorgbeard

    Try CmosPwd from

    If that doesn't work, there's sometimes a 'backdoor' password built in to the BIOS. Try BIOS, CMOS, phoenix, PHOENIX.

    Finally, there might be a BIOS reset button or jumper on the motherboard. Or take the CMOS battery out for a while.

  • Zurahn

    you can't really 'recover' a BIOS password, either you find the aforementioned backdoor/universal password for this particular BIOS (not all of them have one.) or you'll have to reset the CMOS which will clear the BIOS password. refer to your mainboard manual.