Always run a given program as an administrator in Windows 8.1 without prompt

  • Jon Claus

    I have set up a program to always run as an administrator using the Compatability setting in Properties, which is necessary as the program always require administrator rights. Is there a way to make so that the User Account Control prompt does not always pop up and require me to confirm that I want to run this as an administrator? I am on an administrator account. I know I can simply turn off all User Account Control notifications, but I would rather not do this for security purposes; rather, I just want UAC settings to remember the choice I made regarding running the program as an administrator but not prompt me to confirm it.

    This is an example of what I want, but that was made for Windows 7 and I'm not sure how well it work in 8.1.

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  • Sathya

    The Task Scheduler trick you mention sill works fine in Windows 8.x. I use it daily. You can use it without any issues.

  • slhck

    Open Windows PowerShell (open it as an Administrator) and Run below registry settings:

    Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System" -Name "EnableLUA" -Value "0"

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    'Run as Administrator' does not work on Shortcuts in Vista
  • Noldorin

    I have two Vista Ultimate 32-bit OSs installed on my PCs here (one desktop for about 3 years, the other a laptop for 1 year), and have been experiencing the following rather irritating problem for a while on both of the computers:

    Right-clicking on any shortcut in Windows, be it in Windows Explorer, the desktop, or the Start Menu, and then selecting Run as Administrator has absolutely no effect. I am of course running on an administrator account, and the expected behaviour should be for a UAC prompt to appear to confirm the execution of the given program.

    This is persistent behaviour which I have not since been able to eliminate, even temporarily, on either of the installations. It is worth nothing that the issue appeared only a number of months after setting up the OS, and is quite possibly due to a program I installed at some point on both machines, which has corrupted something (perhaps a registry entry) that prevents the Run as Administrator action. Unfortunately, since I've virtually mirrored the OS configuration and programs installed on both PCs, there is no real possibility I can determine which setup program caused the issue by cross-comparison.

    I have described exactly the same problem here on the MSDN forums, which some feedback, but nothing close to a solution unfortunately. The only real recommendation I received in the end was to wipe and reinstall, which is not a feasible solution for me.

    Any suggestions here, even long-shots, would be most appreciated here, as I am getting fairly desperate for a resolution.

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  • MDMarra

    Right click on the shortcut icon and select properties. Put a tick in the box for "Run as Administrator".

    If you have the original Windows DVD you can open a command prompt as administrator (if you can still do that) and type SFC /scannow This will check your install for corrupt system files against the install DVD and repair anything that is damaged.

  • Stewbob

    I have had success by going to the actual .exe file (not the shortcut) and changing its properties to 'Run as Administrator'. For some items, this has produced a different result than changing the property on the shortcut.

  • Noldorin

    Interestingly (and thankfully) this problem seems to have fixed itself after one of the recent Vista updates. On both computers I can now run any shortcut as administrator.