Are epub or mobi files safe to open?

  • bboyreason

    I am wondering about the scripting and such capabilities within epub and mobi files. I see that there are free programs to open them such as Calibre or in a web browser. Is it similar to a pdf, where it is mainly dependent on the program and system opening the file? Is it safer to use a program like Calibre rather than a browser? Besides intended scripting abilities, would errors in programs like Calibre allow for code execution (within reason, I realize this is probably a potential problem for any program or file)?

    I realize you can never really be 100% sure, but I feel safe opening pdfs in Preview because supposedly the scripting capabilities are not there. Is there a similar line to follow with epubs or mobi or are they completely innocuous?

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  • ZelluX

    I have a Hanlin V3+ e-book, unfortunately it crashes too often when reading mobi files, so I want to convert them first into pdf, and then read pdf on V3+. Is there any tool for converting mobi files to pdf files? Thanks.

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  • Journeyman Geek

    calibre should do the job

  • Mehper C. Palavuzlar

    You can use this free online service to convert your mobi files to pdf.