windows xp - bad_pool_caller stop: 0x000000c2

  • Michael

    After installing Open Office and running it for the first time, my screen went all NES on me, I restarted my computer, and now every time I try to start windows (regular, any of the safe modes, last known good configuration) I get a BAD_POOL_CALLER blue screen with the stop code 0x000000c2

    I had this error 2 months ago and was able to fix the problem by running some commands (fixmbr, fixboot, chkdsk) in the recovery console

    Now, however (lucky me), when I select my windows install C:\Windows in the Recovery Console it gives me the BAD_POOL_CALLER error (same one as when I boot up)

    I have dell sending me a new drive which I will pop in, reinstall windows, and start all over again (don't worry my data is backed up)

    It would, however, be great to be able to boot the current drive up one more time to do some housekeeping like a list of programs I need to reinstall, a screen shot of my desktop, a backup of my firefox bookmarks

    Does anyone have any tricks or tips for getting this puppy up and running?


    PS Windows XP Service Pack 2

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  • Sam

    Here is some repeated advice from several forums:

    • The hardware and RAM should be checked initially.
    • Boot the system once again using the Operating System setup CD, or use a boot setup that has a GUI like BartPE.
    • With RunScanner it is possible to use a memory test tool.
    • Select a single account
    • If all the accounts open then the system registry hive might be the problem.
    • Locate the hive damaged and rename it, do not delete it.
    • Create another hive from the backup or from the restore point.
    • Initially uses the latest one and keep checking the restore points that come later.
    • Avoiding harvesting any replacement hives from the hard drive booted Windows.
    • After which compare the hives for differences.

    I'd try booting from the install disk and running a repair.

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  • ChrisInEdmonton

    Every so often, my Vista 64-bit operating system blue-screens within about three minutes of booting up. The blue-screen indicates BAD_POOL_CALLER. Searching on the Internet indicates that this points to a bad driver or bad RAM. I have used to verify that I have the latest drivers for all of my hardware. I have used memtest86 to verify that my RAM is good. I am not overclocking my computer. Provided my computer survives the first five minutes after boot, it can run indefinitely without problem. It does not crash playing 3D games, running VMWare, running "burn-in" software.

    The blue-screen does not happen often enough, perhaps one time in four, for me to simply try uninstalling various drivers to see what breaks. Having Windows "check for solutions" results in no additional information. What other steps can I take?

    Update: May be useful to check out this related question.

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  • heavyd

    You may have bad or vista-incompatible hardware. What kind of peripherals/additional cards are connected to the computer. I would suggest disconnecting any additional hardware you may have connected and see if the problem continues. If not, one by one, add each piece of hardware back and see if you can determine what is causing the crash.

  • Ivo Flipse

    Try running the Driver Verifier to let Windows check if it can find any faulty drivers.

    Run: verifier

  • ChrisInEdmonton

    I have not yet performed these steps, but apparently you can examine the debug memory dump to help narrow down the problem. The steps are listed here. I will update this answer with additional information as it becomes available.