Block keyboard and mouse input of remote user in Teamviewer session

  • Mehper C. Palavuzlar

    I'm using Teamviewer to help my family members with their computer problems. Sometimes they use the mouse and keyboard when I'm in the middle of something important. I don't want to tell them not to do it, instead I want to block their keyboard and mouse input when I'm connected to their machine.

    I couldn't find an option to do this in Teamviewer preferences. Does anybody know how to do it?

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  • Community

    On the computer itself you need to enable it in Extras>Options>Advanced>Advanced settings for connecting to this computer>Full access.

    When you are connected to remote computer use Menu Actions - disable remote input

  • RSMoser

    You do this from the remote computer after you have connected. When using Windows on the remote computer, Click on the "Actions" tab (Gear) at the top of the screen and select "Disable Remote Input". When remoting in from an Ipad, Click on the "Actions" (wrench) tab at the bottom of the screen and select "Disable Remote Input". I have not used Teamviewer on a Mac or IPhone so I am not sure of the exact steps. But it still should be under the "Actions" Menu.

  • Ahmed Hamdy

    To be added to the current answer, you are better use

    Disable remote input and show black screen. From action menu.

    This way the remote computer will have a disabled screen, keyboard and mouse.

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  • nmatthis

    I have a Win 7 64-bit Pro desktop that I am trying to run Remote Desktop on to connect to my Windows Home Server 2011 server. When I connect, my server's desktop is visible and I can see and move my mouse but when I left-click the mouse, nothing happens. Then if I right-click, the desktop's context menu does display but it's in the bottom-left corner every time I right-click regardless of where I click. When the context menu displays and I hover the cursor over an item, it doesn't highlight blue like it should. So basically the mouse just isn't working at all over Remote Desktop.

    Everything works fine on the server if I log directly into it with mouse and keyboard. I should also note that the exact same thing happens if I try to use Remote Desktop to connect from my Win 7 64-bit Home Premium laptop to my Win 7 Pro desktop above.

    And finally, if I use Remote Desktop to connect from either my laptop or desktop to my Win XP Pro system at work, everything works perfectly fine. So is it something with connecting to a Win 7 or WHS 2011 system? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Tom Wijsman

    To me it looks like you have to grant access (on the remote computer) such that the "visitor" (from where you are accessing) can take control.