laptop - Can Lenovo yoga 13 power 2 HDMI monitors

  • DermFrench

    I'm considering getting a Lenovo yoga 13 I see the processor is a 3rd Generation Intel Core i7-3537U Processor( 2.00GHz 1600MHz 4MB)|semd|se|google|lenovoukdirect|z20EDC|s

    When I look up the intel link it says # of Displays Supported 3

    However there only seems to be one output port. I want to avoid using USB converters or anything like that, I just want to power 2 HDMI monitors.

    Some advise would really help.

  • Answers
  • Ali

    If the laptop chasis/motherboard offers only one HDMI port, then only one device can be connected. It does not matter how many monitors the internal chip supports.

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    Is it possible to connect two monitors on a laptop, one through HDMI and the other through DisplayPort?
  • Steph

    For example the Alienware m17x offers 3 connections, HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA. Is it possible to connect two independent external monitors, one through the DisplayPort and one through the HDMI port?

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  • Col

    Simple answer is yes so long as your drivers support it. It would certainly be possible if you were using a usb displayport adapter I'm just not sure whatever chipset your running would support different output to 3 connections (assuming you want to extend your desktop not just have it cloned on multiple screens)