vnc - Cannot connect to office windows vncserver

  • my_question

    I am using ubuntu 12.04 at home, there is a weird thing - I have Windows machine and Linux machine at office, I start vncserver at both office machines. From home, I can connect to the Linux vncserver, but when I connect to Windows vncserver, after I type in the password, the connection get closed immediately -

    $ vncviewer <windows machine IP>:0
    Connected to RFB server, using protocol version 3.8
    Enabling TightVNC protocol extensions
    Performing standard VNC authentication
    Authentication successful
    vncviewer: VNC server closed connection

    You can see that the authentication is good.

    The windows and Linux machines are at the same office network.

    In short, I am using the same vncviewer to connect 2 vncserver, Linux one is good, but windows is bad. My colleague used his personal laptop at office did one experiment for me, he connected it to wifi and office network VPN which is the same VPN I used, he connected to my windows vncserver successfully. The only variable here is, his laptop is Windows.

    Do you see what might be the problem here?

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  • bichonfrise74

    My Windows XP (on a laptop with a 12" monitor) is running the vncserver and I have a RedHat (on a desktop with a 19" monitor) running the vncviewer. The vncserver is 4.1.3.

    When I run the vncviewer, the size of the vncviewer seems to about 12" only which is like the size of my laptop. I want to make it bigger possibly the size of my desktop monitor.

    I tried to google around for an answer and found this:

    But I think his setup is the opposite (Linux as the vncserver and Windows as the vncviewer). Any thoughts on how to accomplish what I want?

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  • Brian Carlton

    vnc -geometry widthxlength e.g. vnc -geometry 1240x980 is good for 1280x1024 with some room for the VNC viewer's border.

  • Peter Mortensen

    The VNC program comes with scaling. I use Ultra VNC and in the options it has Scale to window. With this I can make it as big as I want and it strecthes the image.