Cannot copy files from a read-only data DVD

  • Ranbir

    I have a data DVD that contains several little programs, videos and a bunch of presentations. When I try copying something from this disc, I get an error message that looks like this:

    enter image description here

    I don't understand why I get this error while I'm trying to copy files and not move or delete them. Please help.

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  • Znarkus

    I'm trying to play a DVD in Media Player Classic, when I get the error DVD: Copy-protection fail.

    What can I do to play my DVD? Preferably in MPC.

    I'm running Windows 7. It works in Windows Media Player, but as it doesn't give me as many configuration options as MPC, I'd prefer to use MPC. And of course this is a genuine DVD, as this only affects us poor suckers that actually buy DVDs :(

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  • harrymc

    The Media Player Classic FAQ says :

    Q: I get a "DVD: Macrovision Failed" error when trying to play a DVD

    A: This may happen if you have are using Haali video renderer.
    Solution is to change the video renderer in MPC options.

    MPC options -> Playback -> Output

    Apart from this, you may try updating the video driver from the manufacturer's website, or abandon MPC.

  • Kyle

    Since you are fine with a recommendation I personally use VLC media player as my de-facto program for playing and streaming any media. I haven't run into much it can't play, in fact I have never run into anything Windows Media Player can play that VLC can't. It is also one of our featured programs if you check out the community promotions on the right.

  • Znarkus

    Tonight it magically just worked. Don't know what I did different. Maybe it was because I started the video when the movie window was on the projector screen, instead of moving it there afterwards. Maybe because I skipped right to the movie.

  • Sathya

    I fixed this problem !

    Simply went into Media Player Classic → Options → playback → Direct Show video, Click the drop down menu and checked Advanced Video Renderer and it plays dvds.