osx - Can't find the path to proxy.pac file in OS X

  • the march of the black queen

    I need to control my proxy.pac file in OS X, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

    I used

    whereis proxy.pac

    from terminal too — the whole story short: I want to find the path to a file in Mac OSX.

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  • Gordon Davisson

    I don't think you're asking the right question here. By default, there is no file in OS X named proxy.pac. Normally, a .pac (proxy auto-config) file is created by a network administrator and either a) installed on client computers (and if you'd done this, you'd hopefully know where you installed it); or b) loaded from a network server by the client.

    If you have been given a .pac file (or a URL to load one from), you can configure OS X to use it in System Preferences -> Network preference pane -> select the active network service (interface) in the sidebar -> Advanced -> Proxies tab -> Automatic proxy configuration.

  • mdszy

    Try using Spotlight to find the file, if even that doesn't work, try running locate proxy.pac from the Terminal. If that even doesn't work, try doing sudo find / -name "*proxy.pac*".

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  • klox

    i want to search qdbase (the name of DB). i dont know where this file is lies.i want to use grep at my server. my server name is qa@qaubuntu and for root root@qaubuntu.. i'm searching this file using terminal from client PC(qa@qadesktop)

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  • Lewis Norton

    So you're looking for a file with a known name and unknown location?

    Two options:

    1. locate qdbase
    2. sudo find / -name qdbase -print

    The latter is probably slower, but more "thorough", the first command is based on the fact that all file names have been indexed already, so that the search is quicker. Try the first option and if it fails, the second one.

    You'll probably have to rsh in first. grep is used to find data inside a file, so it's probably not what you want here. The sudo part is needed for permission reasons.

  • EricR
    sudo grep / "String to search for"

    sudo to not restrict the search by what folders your regular user is allowed access to

    grep to search

    / for the root of the drive

    "String to search for"