Can't install Internet Explorer on Windows 7 64 bit

  • develroot

    I'm trying to install IE 9 but it says I have already installed the latest IE version, while I have no internet explorer installed. Instead, there is an update called Windows Internet Explorer 9 which fails to uninstall. So how do I install IE 9?

    System Update Readiness Tool for Windows never fixes the issue.

    Windows 7 x64 SP1. Never had IE 9. Not listed in Windows Features. Was deleted from the iso image.

    Re-installing is not an option.

    What I actually need is to integrate a webBrowser control in my .NET application. It's working fine (although i have no IE), but the flash player works extremely bad.

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  • harrymc

    Are you sure that you never installed IE9 Beta ?

    Some ideas :

    1. Perfect Uninstaller is claimed to be able to uninstall IE9 using the "Force Uninstall" option.
      It is interesting to see whether it will see IE9 as installed on your computer, or not.
    2. You could try all the seven methods described in Methods to Uninstall / Remove IE9.
    3. If the problem is with Windows update, see the article Windows Update Troubleshooting, and starting with how to delete the SoftwareDistribution folder.
  • Moab

    Go to Control Panel (icon view) and click Programs and Features, when it opens go to the left side and click "Turn Windows Features on or Off"

    Be sure IE9 has a tick in the box. Tick it and hit OK if it is not ticked.

    enter image description here

  • Imdad

    You have to modify the ISO to include IE. Then while installing choose to upgrade not to reinstall. This will solve your problem I hope.

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    windows 7 - Flash + Internet Explorer 9 = Crash
  • izip

    With the release of Internet Explorer 9 I decided to give it a go. It really is great and integrates nicely with VS 2010.

    However when ever I try to access a page with flash I get an instant crash. I have tried uninstalling flash and reinstalling but no joy.

    Sys: Windows 7 64-bit SP1

    Anyone else getting this problem?

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  • Thom

    I have experienced the problem you described for some time now. The following steps finally solved the problem for me.

    Open IE, click on the gear on the top right. Select internet options, then go to the advanced tab. Click the option that resets the advanced settings, click apply. Restart IE.

    I found this solution buried in a bunch of comments on the Adobe air and flash player team blog. The commenter actually used it to solve a different problem with Flash (Flash content is being displayed in the upper left corner of the screen), but it worked as well for the crash problem I was experiencing.

  • CreeDorofl

    crash entire computer or just the browser? any error message? Did you reboot after you reinstalled the newest flash?

    Googling found this thread:

    From it, one guy suggests 3rd party addons (mouse gestures, toolbars) might not play well with flash. He also suggests using adobe's special flash removal tool... it might be your reinstall didn't replace a few old leftover bits.

  • RAM

    I've had my previously rock solid setup, 3.2 GHz Phenom X4 w/ 16 GB of RAM and Windows 7 Pro x64 bit scretch to a halt (not even a BSOD) in the middle of flash videos (youtube, news broadcasts...etc). It's probably a bug in Adobe's x64 flash player and a bug in IE9's hardware acceleration that causes low-level exceptions to occur which halts the computer.

  • soandos

    Yes, I found it happens on pages with javascript. I updated java and the problem was solved.