Change thumbnail size in Windows Explorer in Windows 8

  • Chin

    How can I change the thumbnail size of image, video in Windows Explorer in Windows 8?

    There's no friendly slider like in windows 7.

  • Answers
  • Jared Tritsch

    In Explorer on the desktop, you can increase the size of the thumbnail by clicking on the view tab and selecting from the icon size choices listed. these are the same choices available in Windows 7.

    In addition, you can enable the preview pane in the same location and see an extremely large version of the currently selected file.

  • Graham Wager

    You can use the zoom feature of a mouse scroll wheel to get the same effect. Simply hold CTRL and rotate the wheel to "zoom" the display.

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    Show image dimensions in status bar in Windows 8 File Explorer
  • Daniel Lang

    When I'm dealing with image files in Windows Explorer (aka File Explorer in Windows 8) I want to see the image dimensions in pixels (i.e. 400px x 300px) in the status bar. This has worked fine in Windows 7 but in Windows 8 it's not there anymore. It only shows the number of selected items and the file size.

    How can I enable image dimensions in File Explorer status bar?

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  • Moab

    You can add the "Dimensions" column to explorer to get those details, once you add the columns you want, save the folder properies to make it add "Dimensions" to all folders like the one you have open.

    enter image description here

  • FleshWound

    I also searched around a little bit about that topic because it was a quite useful feature.

    Unfortunately, the only way I found to get those details is by enabling the details pane (in explorer --> view --> click on details pane).

    However, this view is panned on the right side of the explorer ((I did not manage to move it) and uses much more space than the old one in status bar. It's quite annoying, but you can quickly enable/disable this pane if you right-click on the details pane toggle --> add to tool bar for quick access (or something like that, I do not have the English version). Then the toggle shows up at the top window border.

    Hope this helps you a little bit.

  • JenP

    I used this feature a lot in Windows 7 as well and missed it upon switching to Windows 8. The "Content" view shows both the thumbnail and image size in the same view which is most helpful to me since image names aren't always descriptive. Sorry, I don't have enough rep yet to post a screenshot.