Chrome browser opens extra tabs on startup

  • John T

    I have chrome setup to automatically open a number of pinned tabs on startup. (GMail, Calendar, Drive, G+, Tasks, Keep)

    This works, but I also get a few extra tabs opening randomly each time I start. Sometimes these are calendar tabs, sometimes gmail, or other google service related tabs.

    This happens on multiple machines. Not always exactly the same extra tabs, and not always the same number of extra tabs. The extra tabs are regular tabs, not pinned. I've reset my startup pages in the "On-startup" section in the settings tab, multiple times and on multiple machines, but it doesn't seem to help.

    Any ideas on how to diagnose/fix this?

    Chrome Version 30.0.1599.114 Operating System: Linux

    Update - The extra tabs are: Calendar, Drive , Google+, Keep, so tabs in the same order as my pinned tabs, but missing GMail and the Task tabs this time.

  • Answers
  • user294919

    I had the same problem, thus how I found this page. I think I have fixed it by changing my settings under 'On Startup' to 'Continue where I left off' from 'Open a specific page or set of pages'. I don't remember setting that at any point, I've always preferred to continue where I left off, but somehow it got set. Seems to have fixed the issue at work, now to confirm when I get home.

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    Save open tabs in Chrome
  • evan

    Is there a way to save all open tabs into a temporary (or non temporary) bookmark folder?

    Sometimes I have a bunch of tabs open on one topic in one windows and the same in another windows. I'd like to quickly save all open tabs in different bookmark directories so I can shutdown the computer, come back and reopen both windows.

    Anyone know of some good ways to do this?

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  • Sasha Chedygov

    Check out the Session Buddy and Session Manager extensions for Chrome.

  • Patrick

    If you right-click a tab, there is a "Bookmark All Tabs..." option you can use.

  • pattulus

    I know it's already solved, but if you are looking for an extension that works on multiple computers without the need of sending files over via email or such, then take a look at TabCloud. You can't drag and drop items into groups, but doing it by hand still beats every other extension if you rely on syncing your tabs.

    Update: I can't recommend highly enough. It has this feature among several others.

  • xsznix

    Even if you don't 'save' the tabs at all, you can recover them the next time you open Chrome by going to the new tab page and selecting the first under "Recently Closed" (it's at the bottom)