Copy settings between accounts in Windows 8 pro

  • Michael Beijer

    When I first started using Windows 8, I created a local account and set it up the way I like it, i.e. start screen, taskbar, desktop etc.

    However, now I need to use a different user account, which means I'm now back on the default settings. I've copied the folders from the "user" folder across from one to the other, so I can access all my documents, music, pictures etc, but that didn't copy the settings, recent documents and so on.

    Is there a way of getting all of the settings from my local user account copied onto the new account, so that I don't have to start setting it up again from scratch?


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  • magicandre1981

    You can use Windows Easy Transfer to copy the settings and documents to a different account.

    In the Wizard select to store the data into a transfer file. After the backup is finished, go to the 2nd account, run the Wizard again and select this is the destination PC and restore the settings from the file.

    The Startscreen layout is stored in a file called appsFolder.itemdata-ms under C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows. If the transfer wizard doesn't copy the layout, copy this file into the new account.

  • Jean-Pierre Schnyder

    Under Windows 8.1, the transfer wizard does not allow you to store the user settings and docuents in a transfer file. Only importing a transfer file is available in the wizard, as you can see in the image below !![enter image description here][1]

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    Use Windows Live ID, but login with a different password
  • Tanis.7x

    Is it possible to keep my account linked to my Windows Live ID, but use a different password for logging on to my computer?

    I know I can set up a PIN or a picture password for logging in locally, and those obviously aren't required for signing into my Live account on other devices (my Xbox, for example).

    I don't want to set up a PIN or picture password, but I would like a password separate from my Live ID.

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  • Guy Thomas

    I would have to say 'NO' it's not possible.

    To me any attempt to uncouple the password on the two locations would defy the logic of logging on with a Live ID account / password.

    Also, if you succeeded, what would happen if you logged on at a different machine?

  • Magnetic_dud

    Yes, I was also disappointed, because my password is long and complex, is a pain to type.

    I fixed the problem using a fingerprint reader. Just press the finger on it and you login without pressing any other key.

    Some laptops, like mine, have the fingerprint reader. I never used it before, but now I find it very useful

  • Chris Sullivan

    There is an easy way to use a different password to log in to your Microsoft account and Windows Live account. This trick is unbelievable but it works. Follow these steps:

    1. First of all, change your Live ID password to a simple one that you can type easily on a keyboard, then use this password to log on to your Windows 8 system.
    2. Next, change your Live ID password to a strong one via
    3. Now you can log in to Windows 8 using a simple password, while logging into Windows Live account online using a strong password.