Corrupted Windows 7 sidebar weather gadget?

  • Ullallulloo

    It seems that something's wrong with my weather gadget. It won't show the weather and it just says "Cannot connect to service." It's option and size buttons are gone and it's reverted to being small. It's been like this for about a week, and it's not like this on any other computer in my house or even on the other account.

    I tried closing it, closing the sidebar, and reopening them; closing it, closing the sidebar, deleting it's folder in C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Cache, reopening them, and uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Nothing seems to work. I tried restarting my computer too. Any ideas?

    EDIT: It just downloaded the weather information for New York during the migration yesterday, and it's keeping it updated.(Maybe because I restarted it again?) That's the default for it, so that much makes sense, but I still can't change the options or make it the full size. :(

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  • ricbax

    First, try Restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows:

    • Click Start

    • Type Restore gadgets into the Start menu search box

    • Click Restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows.

    Is the issue still present?

    If so, try another user profile. If another user account is not available, create a new user account by following these directions.

    If the issue is still present?

    Try performing a clean boot to determine whether a background application could be interfering with the gadget. Click here for the full instructions to perform a clean boot.


  • Ullallulloo

    O_o I think it just fixed itself...I don't think that I did anything, but it suddenly works perfectly again. I had just logged out, into another screen name, and back in, but I did that a couple days ago, and it didn't work then...idk, either way, it works fine.

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    How can you make Windows 7 sidebar work like Vista's
  • Chris Mayer

    I have some world clock gadgets in my Windows 7 sidebar that are quite useful for me to be able to glance over and look at on my second monitor. In Vista you could make the whole sidebar 'always on top' and other windows on the screen wouldn't maximize over the top of it, or under it. In Windows 7 gadgets are now free floating. You can make each gadget 'always on top' but this just means they render over the top of any maximized window on the screen.

    Does anyone know of a way to make the Windows 7 sidebar function like the Vista one? I tried changing the compatibility of sidebar.exe to Vista, but it seems security permissions/properties for things under 'Program Files' are very difficult to change.

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  • David Pearce

    In short, No. At least not by default.

    You have three options:

    The Hacky Way

    Make a folder in /Program Files called VistaSidebar. The full path should be C:\Program Files\VistaSidebar. Copy the Sidebar from a Vista machine into the new folder on the Windows 7 machine. Sidebar, on Vista, is stored in C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar. Close down Sidebar, and open sidebar.exe from the VistaSidebar folder.

    You should get the old Vista sidebar. You can then just go into the Sidebar preferences and set 'Start Sidebar when Windows starts'.

    I have not actually tested this myself, but it should work. Some gadgets may not work.

    Using 3rd Party Apps


    Download and install DesktopCoral and configure it to make a completely transparent bar at the side of your screen, then just move your gadgets over under the 'sidebar'.

    Google Desktop

    Download and install Google Desktop and use the Google Desktop Sidebar.

  • ShaChris23

    This solution might work for you as well: