bittorrent - Created new torrent but client unable to find seeds

  • ehfeng

    I tried creating a new torrent, using uTorrent, following the directions from torrentfreak. I used a bunch of trackers (just in case any individual one was having troubles) and uTorrent shows it as "seeding" with 100% of the file. It shows: seeds 0(1), peers 0(0).

    I've also attempted to remove the torrent and then re-add the torrent, pointing it to my already existing files, forcing uTorrent to recheck the files and then begin seeding.

    Yet when I share the .torrent file with my other computer and attempt to download, it is unable to find any peers or seeds.

    To confirm that both clients are working, I downloaded a torrent on both computers, using their respective clients, using torrents I found on isohunt. This tells me that there must be something wrong in how I'm creating my torrents.

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  • Moab

    When you create a torrent, you are the only seed until some peers start downloading your file, once they have a full copy they will be added to the number of seeds available.

    Did you open/check the ports forwarded on your router to accommodate your torrent clients?

    Your clients should be configured to use a port of your choice in this range= 49160–65534

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  • Amr ElGarhy

    I don't know a lot about torrents, i am just a user, have utorrent, i search the web and download torrents using it.

    What i want now is to create torrents and share my files with others, whats steps i should follow?

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  • bandi

    Actually, you can create a torrent file with utorrent. Then you have to upload it to a tracker, and then redownload the tweaked torrent file (it will contain the tracker information). After it you just simply keep seeding for users.

  • Diago

    Jeff himself actually blogged about this when setting up the torrent for the StackOverflow database. He posted the how to here