Difference between Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

  • Asadullah Ali

    Can anybody explain the difference between the Microsoft Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 in terms of hardware and software features?

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  • nerdwaller

    Arm (Windows RT - a handicapped windows that only allows app store apps.) vs Intel (Windows 8.x - it's windows... So whatever can go on a normal computer can go on here, also has access to the store).

    Battery consumption, ram, performance. Just look up the specs sheets side by side.

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    wireless networking - Surface Pro - Disable Wifi?
  • francisswest

    I recently purchased a Surface pro for one of our executive users (at their request.) I have successfully deployed our image to it, joined it to our domain, etc. When using the USB Ethernet adapter, it logs on to our network after putting in domain credentials, with no issue. However, we do not authenticate domain users over WiFi. The behavior present at this point, is when attempting to login, it no doubt tries to authenticate with the server, but cannot access it through WiFi. Ever with the domain account cached, it takes about 6 minutes for it to finish logging in.

    Compare this with a wired connection, it takes 5 seconds.

    Our normal resolution (with every other device with WiFi) is to disable WiFi if there is no enet connection available. Thus forcing the machine to go right for the cached account. Once logged in, turn WiFi back on, and have it connect to the local access point.

    Problem: There doesn't seem to be a way using the keyboard, or standard login screen, to disable WiFi on the Surface for pre-login.

    Does anyone know a special key combination, or trick to be able to disable WiFi from the login screen of the Microsoft Surface Pro?

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