Duplicating keepass files instead of creating a new file

  • BlakBat

    I'm currently using KeePass 2 and syncing them via dropbox. I have a few KeePass files (one for websites, one to store software licenses, etc...)

    Every time I need a new KeePass file, I just create a copy of the kbdx file, open it, remove all existing entries, change the key transformation rounds to another pseudo-random value.

    I do not change the master password and I understand the risk of doing that. I imagine that the salt used for the encryption of the kbdx file is the same for every of my kbdx files since it's probably generated upon creation of the kbdx file.

    By using the same master password and salt in every kbdx and just changing the transformation rounds, I believe that it guarantees myself at least the same security than having everything in a single kbdx file.

    Am I wrong in believing that? Is my practice actually a security risk by lessening the amount of effort to crack a kbdx file?

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  • Magnum

    It's the same.

    What is not "safe" is the fact that you have a single master password for all your databases, but you probably get that idea yourself.

    How you configure and organize your keepass db is your call and it should not affect the basic security settings.

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    How to enter a TAB character in the Notes field in KeePass 2.x?
  • CatamountJack

    Is there any way to easily enter a tab character in the "Notes" text-field in KeePass 2.x? In that particular field I use it to format information (so it lines up).

    Some title:           text
    Some other title:     text
    And another:          text

    The Tab key will move focus to a different control (as will Win+Tab on this machine) and Ctrl+Tab will switch tabs at the top of the form.

    I can copy a tab character from another document (like Notepad) and paste it in that field, and it works as expected - but that's cumbersome. Does anyone know of a direct-input method?

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  • JMD

    I just tried this in version 1.14 of KeePass under Windows XP SP3:

    Alt+0009 (numbers entered on the numeric keypad)

    And voila! A tab character was entered into the editor, per your request. :)

  • Excellll

    Just saw an answer for this in a KeePass bug report. Ctrl+I inserts a tab in richtext controls.

    Source: http://sourceforge.net/p/keepass/feature-requests/1138/