microsoft word - Footer Page Numbering Not Displayed in TOC

  • Mally

    I have a Microsoft WORD 2010 document that has different sections with dual page numbering. Thus, I can have a page numbering system in the Header of each section in the format X of Y.

    For example in Section 1, I have 10 pages, so the first page in that section has 1 of 10 pages in the Header. I formatted the numbering in the Header of each section, so this part of it is fine.

    Now I have regular page numbering for each page in the document in the Footer of each page (for example Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 etc.).

    My issue is that when I insert an automatic table of contents, it inserts the page number from the Header of each section. So for each section in the table of contents, the page number restarts at Page 1. How do I get the automatic table of contents to display the page numbering from the Footer of each section instead so that it can show consecutive numbering? No one seems to be able to figure this issue out.

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  • Fire Lancer

    I've been trying to work out how to make page numbers skip the first two pages (title page and contents), and also how to have the footer say "page x of y", rather than just the current page which insert->header & footer->page number provides.

    I found out how to split the document into 3 sections (title,contents, and the main document), and how to use "Format Page Numbers" to offset the numbers by 2, which seems to work as long as I don't insert another page at the start before the main section (eg the contents runs onto a second page), however this doesn't solve the total page number problem, and doesn't seem a very clean solution since it relies on me entering the correct page offset...

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  • subman

    and use { SECTIONPAGES } to insert the total number of pages in a section.

  • 8088

    What option are you choosing under Insert > Header & Footer > Page Number?

    For all of the options except for "Page Margins" there are "Page X of Y" options - You may have to scroll down a bit to see them.

    Insert Page X of Y

    Or, if you want to create it manually, you can add the number of pages by using the NumPages Field Code.

    Insert > Quick Parts > Field > NumPages

    Insert NumPages Field Code

  • 8088

    When editing the footer, choose page numbers -> format page numbers and then choose start from 1 in the lower part of the tab. The part of the doc you want to number has to be in a new section, but as I noticed you already did that.

    alt text

  • William Hilsum

    What you want to do is edit the formulae. Click on the page number (so you see a grey box) then right click and choose "Edit Codes"

    You basically want to change it to - { = { PAGE } + 1 }

    (or however you want)

    Read this page as it has helped me a great lot.