partitioning - Format SDHC Card to FAT32 Partition

  • chernevik

    I am trying to format an SDHC card to a single FAT32 partition, with a disk label msdos. I've tried reading the GNU Parted Manual but cannot figure out how to do this.

    I'm tool agnostic, an fdisk solution would be fine.

    I suspect I may have given the wrong device name when invoking parted. df gave the card reader the device name /dev/sdc1, I called parted with << parted /dev/sdc >>, I'm not convinced that what right. An answer being specific about how to obtain the proper device name would be most helpful.

    Using Ubuntu or Mac OSX.

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  • 動靜能量

    How can Gparted be used?

    I went to download

    Stable releases of GParted Live

    for the 0.4.6-1 version.

    After the .iso image is downloaded, I burned it onto a DVD-R.

    Then the DVD-R is booted. It let me choose something about the keyboard and then showed several icons on top of the screen:

    Power Down, Screenshot, Terminal, GParted, Info, Screen Resolution

    but double clicking on GParted has no response at all.

    Clicking on Terminal brings out a shell but are we supposed to do any "yum" or "apt-get" there? Isn't the partition app already included? thanks.

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  • John T

    It is included and will start automatically, it needs to analyze your current partitioning scheme. Patience is the key!

  • kmarsh

    I have had problems with bootable DVD-R's running correctly on some systems, particulary with older IDE Combo drives.

    One alternative is burn it to CD-R instead of DVD-R.

    Another alternative is booting SysRescueCD. The default boot has GParted GUI launchable from the desktop.