Getting disconnected from wireless router (Media Link)

  • joe

    I get disconnected from my wireless router a couple times a day. If I wait 5 or 10 minutes I can get reconnected without restarting the router, then after reconnecting it can take a few minutes until I have internet access.

    My previous router I would always stay connected but would sometimes need to restart it in order for the internet to work again (reason for the new router).

    Does this sound like an issue with my modem, my router, or my machine? My new router is a media link and is setup with the following settings.

    enter image description here

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  • nateify

    Okay, so I have a Gateway laptop, with Windows Vista SP2, and a Linksys-Cisco WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router. When I boot up my laptop, it automatically connects itself to my home network. Then at random times, it disconnects itself from said network. I go to reconnect it, but I get an unknown error and none of Vista's suggestions are working. Sometimes, after 5-10 minutes, it will reconnect itself. I've already tried updating the firmware. I can't install any other firmware, or make a factory reset. My dad owns the router and buys the internet and he won't let me TOUCH it. I can't do ANYTHING to it.

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  • itprofessionalsgroup

    Before you go messing with the firmware, have you tried to check for simple things that might be causing the problem. I once had a cheap baby monitor that kept kicking my laptop off the wireless network. Often times a cordless phone can also have this affect since the phone and the router both operate at 2.4GHz. If those aren't the problem, then a possible firmware update might be in line. However, if I was going to use an aftermarket firmware, I would definitely use DD-WRT instead of Tomato.

  • Will

    Sounds like a factory reset on the router and a reinstallation of the adapter.

  • Chris Bartow

    You may want to do a factory reset on your router and see if there are any firmware updates available.

  • Christian P.

    There is the option to try changing the firmware on your router, I run a Belkin router with DD-WRT, but there's also OpenWrt to consider.

    Another possibility, especially if the issues occur after your computer has been in sleep/standby, is to disable power management for your network card.

    Right-click 'My computer'
    -> Device Manager
    -> Double-click your network adapter
    -> Power Management
    -> Remove tick in "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

    This helped me on some networks, where I could see the network and have excellent signal strength, but it would not connect.

  • Ciaran

    Could be someone nearby powering up there router. Work your way through the wireless channels and see if there's any improvement. Remove anything that uses a wireless signal from the area too

  • nateify

    This is an old question isn't it? Well half a year has past and I have a new router by now. Problem solved?

  • Chase Seibert

    I had this problem on a Vista labtop with a Linksys router. After several months with no solutions, I tried Tomato. It fixed the problem, and I never looked back.

  • Robb

    DD-WRT is an excellent solution. When Fonera was giving away free acess points, I grabbed two access points and went to work. I love the front and back end of the software.

    One thing I would suggest taking into consideration is faulty hardware. Check to see if all other devices remain connected and ensure that the router itself does not constantly reboot.

    Another thing to take into consideration would be if your ISP utilize DOCSIS. If that is the case, your router could be being forced to upgrade/downgrade its firmware and is stuck in a loop.