Google Chrome page load problem (ERR_TIMED_OUT)

  • nimcap

    I am having this annoying problem with Google Chrome, although I used to love Chrome I will switch to Firefox if the problem persists.

    Sometimes while loading a page Chrome fails and displays ERR_TIMED_OUT error.

    enter image description here

    This does not occur every time, in average out of 10 page loads 1 fails. When I hit refresh a couple of times, it will load eventually.

    I am using Firefox for a couple of hours now and it seems to work fine.

    So far I tried these: clearing cache, switching user profiles, disabling DNS prefetching, disabling detection of connection settings automatically in IE (yes, I don't know why this is here, but I remember having the same problem a few years ago and this worked). I run out of ideas.

    How can I prevent this error from happening? Or at least how can I trace the source of this error?

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  • WDC

    Google Chrome keeps loading the second page of certain websites which is helpful on sites like Netflix so that instead of clicking on a link for page 2, I can just continue scrolling down and it'll automatically have the next page ready for me.

    But on online clothing sites, it just gets backed up loading all the next pages, misplacing links and loading the next page so that it actually replaces the page I'm trying to view literally every millisecond. Considering clothing sites generally have upwards of 20 to 200 pages of clothing, this is really annoying since Chrome tries to load all of them. How do I turn off the automatic page load?

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  • Sathya

    Chrome doesn't do this automatically. Check your extensions and disable the one which does this. If you aren't sure, edit your question to include he list of extensions installed

  • Jeffrey Bradley

    The plugin "FastestChrome" does have this feature. If you edit its options, you can set a blacklist of domains that you don't want it to pre-load next pages.