Google Chrome (Windows) not displaying text/encoding correctly on certain websites

  • Dean533

    I experience a problem similar to Weird Characters in Google Chrome

    Here's a screenshot on the website
    weird characters

    I've tried:

    • Removing fonts I have installed
    • Setting the encoding to Western, UTF-8, Greek, Automatic
    • Changing the fonts used in Google Chrome
    • Removing Google Chrome, including all application data/user profiles
    • Running CCleaner
    • Reinstalling Google Chrome, twice
    • Installing Chromium (fonts display fine in Chromium)
    • Turning off Windows ClearType
    • Changing Windows/Chrome languages from English (Australia) to US, UK
    • Restarting Windows several times after making changes

    All of which did not work. I do not connect over VPN/proxy.

    Can anyone give me any tips?

    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

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  • Evan

    It seems to be an issue with Helvetica and Helvetica Neue. provided a solution that worked for mere here:

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  • Joel

    Wanted to test the waters here regarding an issue I encountered while browsing a web page at work. We're sitting behind a proxy server. I'm not knowledgeable on the details of the proxy but can research with some folks I know at the security department if more info is necessary.

    Thing is I was signed in at yahoo fantasy sports web site this morning and wanted a colleague to join a fantasy league. So I give him the league info and scoot over to his cubicle, not far from mine, when it happened. He opened the web page and my information was there. I mean, I was signed in on his browser (also chrome). I was still signed in so I went back to my desktop and signed out and then he also lost the session.

    Needless to say, this baffled me and I'm very curious about the reason.

    I don't have colleague's chrome version but mine stands at

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  • Matt

    A few possibilities here non of which are likely Chromes fault.
    - The proxy/router cached a copy of the web page and the web page
    - The host site uses IP addresses to maintain login
    - Your chrome installs share a common location for cookies and the site uses cookies to maintain logins

    First step if you are worried about this would be to contact the network admin and ask about the webpage caching or if chrome installs share a common cookie/history location (not likely). If that doesn't work you could look into contacting the website to see how they authenticate users and if they use IP addresses.

    The important thing to remember on the second point is if you both access the site from behind the same proxy it would likely appear that you are both coming from the same computer (IP/MAC Address) to the host site.

  • Austin Salonen

    It's just a cached page in your proxy server. This has happened to me at every place I've worked where we used a proxy server (I only use Yahoo! fantasy sports). However, I was never able to browse my colleague's teams or profile.