Google spell checker not working with Chrome

  • pajju

    Google Spell checker doesn't work on Chrome as expected. It detects spelling mistakes, but it doesn't prompt for correction on right-click.

    Is this a bug?

    Details: Chrome Version 25.0.1364.160 Ubuntu 12.10

  • Answers
  • user216637

    That depends :)

    If there is no suggestion close enough to that word - i.e. you type 'asduirhfdsgdssadf' -, the spell checker doesn't make any suggestion. Your context menu should show a gray "No suggestions".

    It basically can tell that it's not a valid english word, but it has no idea what you meant to type.

    If it's a word that you think should have a suggestion, please share what that word is. That makes it much easier to find out what's going on.

    And finally, you might want to upgrade to Chrome 26 and the new spellchecker. It's pretty nice, and in most cases more accurate than the old one.

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  • Swinders

    While typing in a text box in Google Chrome I can usually see which words I have spelt incorrectly as they are underlined by a wavy red line. If I right click I am then offered alternate spellings or I can 'Add to dictionary'.

    This has stopped working on my home PC so every word is now highlighted. How can I correct this?

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  • Swinders

    It looks like this was caused by my web filtering software blocking the download of the dictionary file. When I opened it in a text editor (notepad++ in this case) I saw an html page with the title:

    K9 Web Protection Alert: Category Blocked

    The dictionary file is found at:

    C:\Documents and Settings\<User name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\Dictionaries

    Removing the file and unblocking software downloads allowed Chrome to re-download the dictionary file and spell check works again.

  • RowdyJRT

    I changed the fonts and language to English (United Kingdom) for spell check and google chrome display. Works like a charm :)