usb - How can I detect what is blocking some certain keyboard keys?

  • hkBattousai

    After a while (about half an hour) booting up my system, some of my keyboard keys become unresponsive. Their respective Shift+, Ctrl+ and Alt+ combinations are also unresponsive. Pressing these keys do just nothing. When I restart (or power off and reboot) my system they become active again for a while.

    I haven't installed any particular software that remaps the keyboard keys or does anything similar. My operating system is up to date. I'm very careful with viruses, I have Comodo antivirus installed.

    I tested this keyboard in another USB port (without restarting the system), and the problem was same.
    I plugged (without restarting the system) another keyboard to that USB port (to the one which the problematic keyboard was originally plugged in), and the new keyboard was functioning alright.
    EDIT: I tried these tests with restarting system too. The results were the same.

    How can I detect what software is causing this in my PC? Or is this just because of my keyboard being broken (a hardware failure)? Do I need to buy a new keyboard?

    The problematic keys are:

    • The Left CTRL key
    • Some certain function keys: F1, F2, F8, F9
    • Two number keys: 5, 6 (not the ones on the number pad)
    • Some special keys: Ins, Del, Home, PgUp
    • Some punctuation characters: " (quote), * (asterisk), - (hyphen)

    My OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

  • Answers
  • Peter Wright

    Yes - using a new keyboard will tell you if it is a software or hardware problem. I would suggest getting a new keyboard!

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  • Andrew

    I'm trying to use a USB keyboard with my Ubuntu laptop, but when I plug in the keyboard, it is not even detected. I am trying to use the Apple Slim Aluminum Keyboard. It would also be nice if the USB ports on the keyboard could work, but I can get by without that luxury.

    How can I get my Apple Slim Aluminum Keyboard to work with Ubuntu?

    Update: After upgrading to a newer version of Ubuntu (9.04 Jaunty), the keyboard was detected and types just fine. There are a few quirks like the clear button being used as the numlock key but that seems to be well documented on other sites.

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  • Andrew

    I was having problems with Ubuntu recognizing my Apple slim aluminum keyboard until I upgraded from 8.04 to a newer version of Ubuntu.

    I would recommend upgrading to a newer version of Ubuntu before hacking around trying to get the keyboard to work under 8.04. The problem might already be fixed in a newer version. Worked fine for me after upgrading to 9.04.

    You may need to fix some other quirks.

  • Nathan Campos

    Take a look at InstallUSBKeyboard.