audio - How can I disable my Thinkpad T60's sound when the battery connection is changed?

  • Xavierjazz

    I find all sounds my computer makes a bother. I have managed to turn off almost everything, but the "change state" between "on battery" and "on power" still remains.

    How can I turn it off?


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  • steveschoon

    If you have the Lenovo Power Manager utility installed, go into 'Global Power Settings' and uncheck 'Beep when power state changes'. (This is on my T60p, Win7 32-bit with Power Manager 3.05)

  • John T

    Depends if you're referring to a system beep or a sound from the sound card. Either way, both can be disabled in device manager.

    • Start -> Run -> devmgmt.msc -> Enter
    • View -> Show hidden Devices.
    • Non-Plug and Play Drivers -> Beep -> Disable.

    For your sound card:

    • In the same device manager window, go to Sound, video and game controllers
    • Right click your audio device and hit disable


  • sleske

    I have a T41, but on that computer, you can switch the sound on / off in the BIOS setup.

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  • srunni

    I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T400, which I've owned for about a year. A while back, I noticed a problem in which the LED backlight would not always turn on when booting from battery. Usually, if I hold the power button down until the BIOS screen shows up, the backlight turns, but sometimes even that doesn't work. If I just press the power button and let it go right away, the backlight usually doesn't turn on.

    This happens before the OS (I dual-boot Linux and Windows) gets a chance to boot - the BIOS screen itself is displayed without the backlight if it fails to turn on, so the problem isn't at the OS level.

    Any ideas?


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  • MicTech

    Best way is contact Lenovo Support or apply warranty for your ThinkPad.

    Because it's look like HW problem.