How come default tiles don't work on Windows 8

  • Warface

    I've installed Win8 yesterday, looks cool but only Desktop and programs pins (like my installed games, office, etc) are working. Those default by Windows 8 like Games, Video, Picture, Finance, Weather, etc. are not working at all. It open the logo in full screen and then comes back to the start interface.

    Do anyone know why this is happening?

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  • pratnala

    If you have Avast, uninstall it and wait for edition 2013. Else, try reinstalling the apps. If that doesn't work open a command prompt with administrator priviliges and type

    sfc /scannow
    Tell us what output you get with this


    Win + X
    for this menu

    enter image description here

  • Daniel B

    There have been a few different reasons for metro apps not working.

    1. Your resolution must be 1024×768 or above, you can check this by right-clicking your desktop and selecting Screen resolution. If it is under 1024×786 then see if you can change it by selecting options from the drop-down box, if not then unfortunately you won't be able to run metro icons.

    2. Have you disabled UAC? There have been some problems reported with metro apps not working when you disable UAC. You can check by pressing Win + W, typing in UAC and the option to check should come up. Make sure you have set the option to Default.

    3. Do you have a local or Microsoft account? There have been some problems when using Microsoft accounts, try adding a local account and testing them out there.

    4. Do you have Avast Antivirus installed? This currently can cause problems with Windows 8 and if you want tiles to work again you will have to uninstall and wait for an official update from Avast.

    5. If none of these work, you can try Repairing your Windows 8 installation.

  • slhck

    I reckon free antiviruses downloaded and installed are the cause of these problems.

    • uninstall Avast
    • uninstall AVG
    • uninstall Zone Alarm

    Any free antivirus must be removed from the system and the tiles will resume working normally.

  • Michael

    My apps stopped working for no reason and with no error message. Then i went to the win app store and saw that 11 apps needed to be updated so i updated them and all are working now. thanks windows 4 telling me that i have to check on updates or my apps just stop working!

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    How to quickly select multiple tiles in Windows 8 apps?
  • Goran_Mandic

    I would like to select multiple songs for the music app to play. The files are presented as tiles. Is there any sort of multi-select, other than brute force click'm all?

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  • DzinX

    You can select multiple tiles by using the right mouse button:

    1. Right-click the first song
    2. hold Shift and right-click the last song.

    This works not only in Music, but in many other applications, e.g. in SkyDrive. Also, you can replace right-click with Ctrl-left-click, so to select songs this way you would:

    1. Hold Ctrl and left-click the first song
    2. Hold Ctrl+Shift and left-click the last song.