How do I revert back to windows 8 from 8.1?

  • chipperyman573

    I asked how to get the old search back and the answer was that you can't.

    Honestly, I haven't noticed any changes from 8 -> 8.1 besides a single tile has changed color (dunno why, the color doesn't even match the icon), and I really hate this new search thing. So how do I get 8 back?

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  • Bnlf

    I managed to do it while on 8.1 preview using a Windows8 upgrade image i made before upgrading from Windows 7 to 8 but strange things happened like Skydrive not working anymore. It used to think I was still using Win8.1. Besides that, most of the OS was working fine until I upgraded to 8.1 final. I had several problems with permissions and policy errors. Metro apps won´t even start.

    Said that, there's no official way to downgrade unless you´ve created a system image before upgrading.

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    How can I get back the Windows 7 Classic mode in Windows 8?
  • user1460904

    Possible Duplicate:
    How do I turn off Modern UI and get the old Start Menu back in Windows 8?

    I am using Windows 8 and want to have the classic Windows 7 mode/look.

    I tried the Basic mode but it's not the same as the Classic mode. The colors aren't good in the Basic mode.

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  • soandos
    • If you want the start menu back, its gone for good, there is nothing that you can about it.
    • If you are trying to change the control panel to classic mode, that is also not possible in windows 8
    • If you trying to change the theme (as suggested by you only finding windows basic) then you can simply copy the classic theme file from windows 7 over, and it will work just fine (themes are basically just a zip archive with images anyway)
  • MatthewThepc

    There is no (known) built-in way to get back the Start Menu or "classic mode," but you can try:

    1. Start8, which will give you a start menu and allow you to bypass the Metro Start Screen altogether, but it won't altogether disable Metro, since you'll still be able to access the charms bar and the Metro task switcher.
    2. You can use this Classic Shell skin to get a close-enough replica of the Windows 7 Start Menu back.
    3. Or, if you just want to do away completely with Metro, you can use this trick to use the Windows 7 shell file in Windows 8, which will basically send you right back to the Windows 7 experience, BUT REMEMBER TO READ THE "PLEASE READ" SECTION OF THAT POST to know just what you're getting yourself into :D