windows 8 - How do I stop a backup from running?

  • Rod

    I've got a Windows Backup running, which I want to stop. It is not running on a schedule. It just seems to be stuck running. It's been running for over a day, without any apparent progress, except for the fact that it appears in the system tray as "Backup in progress". This is on a Windows 8 Professional machine. I've tried finding it in the Task Manager to kill it there, but I don't see anything there with the name of "Backup" in it. So, how do I stop this thing running?

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  • Scott Chamberlain

    Open the control panel and search "backup" that should bring up the backup settings page. Once you are on the control panel window for backup settings from there there should be a button to stop the backup.

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  • Martin Beckett

    I have a Window7 backup task scheduled to run everyday to a shared drive that no longer exists So I get an error message about it every day.

    There seems to be no way to change/cancel an existing backup task. The 'change settings' option only lets you define a new one.

    There is an option to stop the scheduled tasks but no way to remove it. Unfortunately backup uses it's own internal scheduler not the system task-schedule

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  • KCotreau

    You can delete the job, and it does actually use the Windows Task Scheduler.

    Here is the sample job I created. I checked the default time of 7 pm in Task Scheduler, then changed it to 5 pm to make sure I had the right one.

    enter image description here

    Then I went into Administrative Tools>Task Scheduler>Task Scheduler Library>Microsoft>Windows>Windows Backup where you can disable it or even delete it.

    enter image description here

    Deleting the job in Task Scheduler brings you back to the original screen in the Control Panel Backup panel.

    enter image description here

  • soandos

    Go to Control Panel\System and Security\Backup and Restore. On the side there will be an option to turn off schedule.