sync - How to access tabs synced by Chrome, without the original new tab?

  • Dominykas Mostauskis

    In the near future I will have to start syncing my tabs while I'm travelling. A small problem is that I use a custom new tab (html file I load using this extension). So I don't have access to the "Other devices" menu that you would find on the original new tab. This question illustrates what the "Other devices" menu is.

    So I've come face to face with the dark side of my minimalism. My question is how do I embed this "Other devices" menu into my custom new tab? Or how do I access it in some other manner?

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  • Oliver Salzburg

    You can manually go to chrome-internal://newtab to get the original page.

    Please note that it is quite possible that Chrome will try to perform a search for "chrome-internal://newtab" if you simply enter the URL into the address bar. However, there should be a second entry that isn't marked as Google Search, which should work as intended.

    enter image description here

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    How to make Chrome open bookmarks and URLs in new tabs?
  • MBraedley

    I principally use Firefox both at home and at work, but on occasion I use Chrome. I have Firefox working the way I like it by having it open bookmarks in a new tab when left clicked, as well, URLs open in new tabs. Although having URLs open in a new tab can be annoying if I type a bad URL, I still prefer it, but that's neither here nor there.

    I would like to replicate this behaviour in Chrome, and can't seem to find anything relavent in the settings. Is there any way of doing this without an extension? If not, can you point me towards an appropriate extension (I've already done a search and can't find what I'm looking for)?

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  • Levi Wallach

    The default Chrome acts like the default Firefox concerning tabs...

    The behaviour of Tabs Mix Plus that you describe is available in ChromePlus. ;-)

    (One Caveat about Chromeplus is that they do not update their core Chrome engine version as soon as it puts one out. It is often at least one, sometimes two version numbers behind Chrome)

  • Richard

    Hold down the CTRL key when you click on a link/bookmark, this will open it into a new tab.

  • JNK

    You can also use this extension.

  • sp00n

    The Chrome Toolbox extension adds several config options to Chrome, i.e. to open a new tab when you manually enter an URL into the address bar, or double clicking a tab to close it.

    However, this works only on Windows so far, for some mysterious reason the extension lacks those features in Mac OS. So I'm still looking for way to do the same on my MacBook.


    I have now found a custom extension which will provide the desired functionality, although it doesn't seem to work properly all of the time.
    You'll also have to install the extension manually, i.e. downloading it and then dragging it into your Extension page.
    Note that this extension is totally unsupported and you'll have to use it on your own risk.

  • jonsca

    I don't think downloading chromePlus is a good idea, as pointed by Tom, since we still want to use Chrome. I did a search for "tabMixPlus" for Firefox in Chrome extensions but no luck. So here is my workaround:

    So I used Drag and Go so that I could use mouse to drag the links and open it in a new tab (either background or foreground), and I still type the links in address bar, instead hit Alt+Enter to open in new tabs. I know it is one extra key that I have to push, but so far I lived with it until someone developed an extension for that.

  • totymedli

    Another easy way is to use the scroll wheel of the mouse. Click on the link with the scroll wheel and that will open the link in a new tab.