data recovery - How to automatically recover lost file extensions?

  • Áxel Costas Pena

    We're recoverying bunches of data from a crashed partition of which we had no backup, using a data recovery software. Files are getting recovered, but file names are lost.

    Is there any software or method we could use to automatically scan the file headers to try to determine its type (between the most common ones: image types, different kind of source code text files, compressed files, etc) and automatically put an extension on its random name, to help then processing the data?

    Maybe this PHP function will help?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Mark0

    You can use TrID for that. There are versions for both Windows and Linux. It can scan multiple files and with the "-ae" switch it can rename each one adding the guessed extension.

    Disclaimer: I'm TrID's developer.

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    windows 7 - How to change extensions?
  • studiohack

    In Windows 7, I want to change an .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file extension to a .pdf extension...How do I do this? I have tried renaming the file, but Win7 still thinks it is a .ai do I change file extensions?

    I already know that I can turn on file extensions to the end of file names, but I'm looking for another option...Thanks!

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  • AndrejaKo

    As Hello71 commented, to me it seems as if you are confusing things (if you aren't I apologize). File name extensions aren't meant to be changed like that. If you turn on the extensions at the end of file names, you can change its extension to .pdf, but it will not make it a PDF file. You will need to use some software to convert it to PDF. I think that Illustrator can do it natively, but I haven't used it in a long time. Another option would be to use one of those print as pdf drivers. If you have Acrobat installed, you should already have this. It will show up as printer. When you send something to be printed, it'll be converted into PDF. If you do not have Acrobat installed, just search for free print to PDF driver. There will be numerous results. I did use some of them a while ago, but I can't remember which one, so I cannot give you any recommendations.

    If what you wanted was just to rename file without converting it and without enabling extensions on the end of file names, you could try to use command prompt or powershell. Type CMD into start menu search and run the program. Then use cd command to go to the directory where the file which you want to rename is. The easiest way would be to go there inside explorer, cut the path and type cd into CMD and press space. Then using right-click paste the path. Here's and example of what you should get in CMD (assuming the files are in Peter directory on C: disk):

    C:\Users\AwesomeUserName\ cd C:\Peter

    After that use the rename command to change file name, like this:

    rename lazarus.pdf

    After that, should be renamed into lazarus.pdf. As I said, that will not make the ai file into real .pdf file.

  • Mike Fitzpatrick

    A Illustrator file will still be an Illustrator file even if you change the extension to PDF.

    Extensions don't really get turned on/off in Windows - they are still there, just displayed or not displayed.

    If you have extensions turned off and you add a .pdf extension to an Illustrator (.ai) file, you are really renaming it to

    Windows only looks at the last extension to determine the file type. So nothing has effectively changed.