dvd burning - How to burn a data DVD in Windows XP

  • SabreWolfy

    I am trying to burn a data DVD (DVD+R) in Windows XP SP3 on a Dell desktop computer. The computer has a licensed copy of Nero 6.3. Nero indicates that an update to version 6.6 is available, but after following the link provided, it redirects me to the Nero website to purchase the upgrade. I'm not interested in doing this.

    After creating a project in Nero 6.3, inserting a blank DVD+R and trying to start burning the data DVD, Nero indicates that I should insert an appropriate disk into the drive. It does not seem to detect the blank DVD+R.

    I downloaded infrarecorder and cdrtfe from Sourceforge. Neither of these programs worked either. They both indicated that I should insert the correct media, with cdrtfe saying there is no disk in the drive. I tried with another blank DVD +R with the same effect.

    I inserted a CDR containing data into the drive and the Windows read read this CDR without a problem. I have no reason to believe that the drive is faulty.

    I am aware that Windows XP itself is not able to burn DVDs. However, it seems that three third-party software programs are not able to burn a data DVD in Window XP. The specifications provided in Nero indicate that DVD+R is compatible with the drive.

    How can I burn a backup data DVD in Windows XP?

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  • ch01ce

    Try out a freeware such as CdBurnerXP or Burn4Free. See if the problem persists. Earlier versions of Nero may not be compatible with some hardware, while the freeware is frequently updated. Hope this solves it. Another problem may be that your combo drive can READ DVDs but not write them.

  • Gurken Papst

    If have installed any software like Daemon Tools, verify that you did not enable the function to mask writeable discs as read only, which is sometimes used to circumvent copy protection schemes that check the disc type when the disc is used in writers that can tell the difference. As a side effect, burning software then would also see only ROM media.

    You might also want to try burning a disc using another OS to isolate the issue to either hardware or software. I suggest running a Linux live system like Knoppix. If you have two optical drives this should be no problem. Otherwise use the toram boot option or create a bootable pen drive.

  • peter

    Imgburn is free, small, easy and fast. Also available on http://ninite.com which i use to install it on all pc's I configure, use it all the time for years now. As the name suggests can also work with images.

    EDIT: as suggested here a word of explenation on ninite.com You go to the site, select all the utilities you need installed (they are in categories), click "Get installer" and you download a very small program that you either run or save on your HD. When you run this installer, no questions are asked, all programs are downloaded and installed as fast as can be. All with optimal configuration (no unnecessary tool bars on your browser etc). No searching for the most recent version, safe, fast, once you used it you won't revert. There are other such sites/services and i'm not sure ninite is the best, so go ahead and correct me. I'm not related to ninite in any way.

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  • staticx

    I have never burned a DVD to be used on a Linux box before. If I am burning a CD using a Windows program (not built-in burning), is there anything special I need to be aware of to make sure the DVD will be able to be read on Linux?

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  • Mike Insch

    Linux is aware of pretty much all formats you're likely to write. Most likely if it's a data CD / DVD you'll burn an ISO9660 format disk with the Joilet extensions. You might experience problems if you have any filenames over 64 characters long, but that's reasonably unlikely (in many cases filenames up to 103 characters work OK).

  • Juhele

    If you use default settings and avoid things like overburning etc., then you should have no problems. I used my CDs burned in Windows in various programs like Nero 5.5, Ashampoo burning studio free, Infrarecorder and some newer Nero Express in various linux distributions and never had problems.