video - How to convert .srt subtitles to closed caption subtitles?

  • eKek0

    I commonly use videos with .srt subtitles. Recently, somebody gave me a dvd player wich only accepts closed caption subtitles, so I can't play those videos.

    Is there a way to convert .srt subtitles to closed captions subtitles? Is there any software to do this task?

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  • Ryan

    VobSub should be able to help.

    Thorough directions.

  • Pat

    MovieCaptioner can import SRT files and export SCC closed captions that are embedded into a QT movie. Requires QT Pro and the free ClosedCaptionImporter.compent plugin for QT from Apple.

  • Force Flow

    There's a difference between regular ol' subtitles and Closed Captioning. Producing true closed captioning is extremely difficult.

    The only software I've stumbled across that does closed captioning and doesn't cost a small fortune is QuickTime Pro.

    Relevant links (some content is duplicated):

    PDF link:

    Interesting side discussion on CCing:

    Discussion on converting DVDs with CC to MP4 with subtitles:

  • soandos

    Here is a tutorial to add closed captions and subtitles with QuickTime.

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  • Daniel Cukier

    What is the best way to merge a .srt subtitles file with a Movie, and have it subtitled online. I have a mp4 file and I've already made the subtitles in a .srt file. I've used the SubMerge software, but when I upload the generated mp4 to vimeo, there's no subtitles. It seems that subtitles generated by this software are some kind of meta-data inside the video. Is there any way to RENDER the subtitles whithin the video, so it can go online in any video website?

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  • ulrikhansen

    Submerge is what you asking for, you must be doing something wrong.

    1. Go to File, select "Open file" and navigate to the video file you want to add the subtitles to.

    2. Click the "Choose" ikon in the top left side of the main windows and navigte to and select the .srt file

    3. The program now renders the subtitles, which actually means it's converting the text to graphics in order to embed them into the video.

    4. assuming that the size and sync of the font is what you want, klick the export wheel and select your desired format. I use iPhone or AppleTV. Both are h264 and will upload fine to most video services.

    Hope this helps. /Ulrik

  • pattulus

    What you did is… you used -> Soft, non-destructive subtitles

    I love them a lot because I can attach Japanese, English and German subtitles (and also choose between several audiotracks). This is extremely flexible.

    If you want the uploaded movie to always appear with subtitles attached you need to export them hard burned / hardcoded. Like Ulrik said, all the pictures must be processed aka the whole movie will get rendered again with subtitles.

    Here are some software tips:

    1. iSubtitle does the same thing as Submerge, but maybe you can handle it better. Try the demo.
    2. Muxo for Soft Subtitles only :)
    3. Handbrake Great free alternative to all things video related, you can also to these hard burned subtitles with it. Check it out!

    …learn more about hard burn subtitles here.