sql server - How to: Database Model in Visio 2013

  • Shaz

    I am unable to find the "Database Model" in Visio 2013 and upon linking an existing database to Visio, there is no option to Reverse Engineer. Where do I find this functionality?

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  • Shaz

    Reverse Engineering in Visio 2013 has been removed, according to the Visio blog: http://blogs.office.com/b/visio/archive/2012/10/17/uml-and-database-diagrams-in-the-new-visio.aspx


    The new software and database diagramming capabilities in Visio represent a departure from the capabilities of previous versions. We place a strong emphasis on diagramming and sharing instead of rigorous modeling. Specifically, there is no ability to generate a diagram from existing code or a database definition. Also - just like in recent releases - there is no ability to go from diagram to code or database. Existing UML and Database diagrams can be opened in the new Visio, but they are effectively frozen for editing since the previous feature set has been removed. The behavior of existing diagrams is equivalent to the experience you get today when opening them in Visio 2010 Standard.

    There are alternatives:

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  • Ejoso

    I have a MS SQL database that has been running strong for 10+ years.

    I'd like to diagram the database structure, without spending hours laying it all out in Visio or something similar...

    I've seen nice models diagrammed before, but I have no idea how they were created. From what I've seen - those models were created in advance of the database itself to assist in clarifying the relationships... but my database already exists!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for tools that would work, or methods I could employ to tease out a nice clean document describing my database structure?

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  • skaiser

    If you already have Visio (Professional), it has a fantastic database modeling tool that can connect to your database and create an editable diagram from it. I have even used Visio to make diagrams that can then create databases (including relationships, constraints--just about everything).

    Visio Standard and Professional comparison: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/visio/FX101757911033.aspx

  • ta.speot.is

    We have used SqlSpec successfully at my current place of employment. You should also be aware that SQL Server Management Studio can generate diagrams of databases as well.

  • IDisposable

    I'm a big fan of Aqua Data Studio's Database query tool, which amongst dozens of other features has a very capable Entity-Relationship Modeler. This thing is amazing in support for just about every database, every operation and every common DBA task you can imagine.

    (just a very satisfied user)

  • soandos

    Toad has very powerful modeling components.