How to detect a background program (in Windows 7) which steals active focus automatically?

  • Sachin Shekhar

    A background process/program steals focus from my currently active application. It disturbs me a lot when I type in an app or control an app using keyboard or play online flash games in full-screen.
    I want to remove this program from my PC, but I'm unable to detect it. I've analyzed all processes & scanned for viruses. All things are right from this side.
    I don't want to change focus behavior using registry tweak. Please, help me detecting that app..

  • Answers
  • trejder

    The problem has been fixed. At a time of focus stealing, I pressed Alt+F4 and instantly spotted exiting process from Process Explorer.

    Note: Windows Process Explorer can be downloaded as part of Windows Sysinternals library.

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  • Jonathan Hobbs

    Is there any way to prevent specific programs from stealing window focus in Windows 7?

    Windows 7 doesn't have the option of using PowerToys' TweakUI, which has been suggested in the past for stopping window focus stealing.

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