video - How to fix an WMV file with Audio that grows more out of sync over time?

  • Neil

    We currently use a DVR that converts to WMV on download. The files are originally stored as MP4, but it uses a proprietary codec. So far, I have only found one program that converts the MP4 to WMV, provided by HIKVISION.

    The issue is that these files, after conversion, have audio that grows more out of sync over time. Towards the end of the video, the audio can be several seconds behind the video.

    What program(s) would you recommend to get this back in sync?

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  • Force Flow

    WMV audio sync issues with the frame rate. While most video would normally be 29.97, WMVs either run at a variable frame rate (VFR) or run at 29.00. It's very annoying.

    So, there's a few things to try. The first being that if you can avoid using WMV as an intermediate file format, avoid it.


    Try this:

    If that doesn't help, try importing the WMV into windows movie maker, and export as a DV-AVI.

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    conversion - how can I convert a Powerpoint presentation to a video file (AVI or WMV)?
  • Nathan Fellman

    What tools can convert Powerpoint presentations to video formats?

    Free (as in beer or as in speech) preferred, since this is a one-time thing.

  • Related Answers
  • saveenr

    Newer versions of PowerPoint have this feature built into them. For example, with PowerPoint 2010, you can directly save a presentation as an WMV file.

    Go to File > Save & Send > Create a Video and then click Create a Video

    enter image description here

  • Fredrik Mörk

    You can save the slides as images (File -> Save as -> select suitable image file format in the file formats list), and then use Windows Movie Maker to make an avi or wmv file of the images.

  • mas

    Techsmith's Camtasia Studio can record the whole of a Microsoft Pwerpoint presentation, including voice narration. Not a free product but a fully-functional limited-time trial version is available to allow evaluation before purchase.

  • Bruce McLeod

    Well if you have access to the Mac version of powerpoint, you can go file, save as movie and export as as a quicktime movie and then convert that to an AVI.