keyboard - How to get a stuck Chiclet key unstuck?

  • Wuschelbeutel Kartoffelhuhn

    I have a Samsung NP9003XC-A01US and it has low-profile, island-type Chiclet keys. However, my control key is stuck on the bottom half (from the top view). It still presses down on the top half and if I press firmly, it registers the hit.

    I saw some tutorials on getting keys unstuck, but they all refer to the type that is in older Dell and HP laptops, where one can easily separate the key with a screw-driver because the base is exposed.

    Compressed air did not work.

    Any advice?

    I'm planning to try to lift up the key (with a knife or toothpick) a little bit and spray compressed air again. If unsuccessful, I will call Samsung and ask them if the keys are removable. If so, I will remove the key and clean the insides, then replace the key. I am not optimistic that any of this will work, so if you have any suggestions, please post them.

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  • Wuschelbeutel Kartoffelhuhn

    It turns out that the keys are not user-removable. However, my wife used a reshaped staple to remove a small piece of plastic that was trapped under the key.

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    windows vista - Keys getting stuck
  • Mongus Pong

    I am running a desktop with Vista.

    At random points when typing I will press a key, the key will stick. I will get multiple keypressesssssssssssssssssss. (for example what just happened at the end of that last word!)

    Any ideas what is causing this? I dont even know where to start looking here..


    Ok, have been trying a new keyboard and it hasnt made any difference. Still the same problem.

    Any other ideas?

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  • RandyMorris

    if using usb port, try different port. make sure there is no mapping on your mouse to enter anything either. you can program mouse buttons/actions to do stuff and you might have an "s" in clipboard and you are executing the paste "button"

  • raw_noob

    Sounds like a mechanical problem with the keyboard - i.e., the 'S' key is literally sticking down and then eventually releasing. I once had a problem when a grain of instant coffee lodged between two keys and stuck them together, so that a press on either typed both characters...

    Over time, keyboards get very dirty inside as crap falls between the keys. If the problem is with one key specifically, you can probably solve this by popping the key top off gently with something like a car key and cleaning out any gunk underneath (the key top will fit back on with a firm press). Make sure that key rises cleanly when you release it.

    You may need to clean the whole keyboard. A start would be to hold it upside down and shake it gently - you may be surprised by what falls out. Better to do this with the keyboard disconnected, of course.

    In the final analysis, keyboards do fail eventually and aren't expensive to replace.

  • Mehper C. Palavuzlar

    Just try another keyboard to see if the problem comes from your keyboard or not. This should be the first thing to try before deciding what to try next.

  • 8088

    Have you tried playing with the value for Repeat Delay in the Keyboard > Speed settings. Set it to longest and see what happens. Change it notch by notch back until you find that strange bug occurring again, then obviously go down one.

    My laptop has an issue where sometimes the repeat delay becomes too long, moving the slider back and forth then saving the changes resets this bug.

    it's all a little bit voodoo