Disable ClearType (blurry fonts) in Internet Explorer 10 on windows 7

  • Wojtek

    I've installed recently the latest Internet Explorer 10 and found out again what was my issue with the previous upgrade -- blurry fonts aka ClearType! Unfortunately there are some apps that use IE engine and thus all content there is blurry too :/

    I know about DWrite.dll wrapper but unfortunately it seems that it is only for IE9. Is there any other solution to disable CT in IE10?

    (and for clarity - I don't like CT, I've tried tweaking it but for me it's just blurry and case pain in my eyes no matter what I do... it's probably related to the low dpi of my monitor)

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  • harrymc

    In IE10, full sub-pixel anti-aliasing is removed and what remains is greyscale anti-aliasing, although they still call it "ClearType".

    This is by design, as described in ClearType takes a back seat for Windows 8 Metro.

    This affects the Metro UI, Metro style apps including IE, as well as desktop IE, and nothing can be done to fix it. Font-rendering on Windows 8 is optimized rather for tablets and small laptops than for PC.

    Unless Microsoft returns this option in the future to IE10, and if you cannot live with ClearType, then your only option at the moment is to to turn it off for the desktop and use another non-IE browser as the default browser.

  • magicandre1981

    I use the workaround to set the browser mode to IE8 by default. This disables HW acceleration ,but I don't care about this. Now I have the IE8 rendering back which doesn't hurt my eyes.

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  • Jox

    Is it possible to disable ClearType in IE9b?

    I know about Options->Advanced->Multimedia->"Always use ClearType in HTML" option, but that doesn't solve my problem.

    btw, besides all web sites that are rendered with cleartype within IE (with Window set not tu use CT), problem is Google-Talk chat window which uses trident web engine and renders blurry text.

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  • nLL
  • scunliffe

    It isn't very clear from Microsoft how this will work. It is discussed here at length with many users/developers complaining about ClearType:


    ClearType font rendering is used in all IE9 document modes; sub-pixel positioning is used only in IE9’s default standards mode. IE9’s compatibility modes—Quirks, 7, and 8—use whole-pixel text metrics.

    You're not the only one to complain about the ClearType being worse in IE9 than it was in IE8: https://connect.microsoft.com/IE/feedback/details/542316/font-rendering-is-worse-in-ie9-than-ie8?wa=wsignin1.0

    From what I see in the comments, Microsoft has not yet clarified how this will be user-toggled, and if it will be an option during setup that the user can turn on or off.