How to install MD5 to Ubuntu?

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    How can I install MD5 in Ubuntu without using apt-get?

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  • ubiquibacon

    Ubuntu has included md5sum in their distro for several years now (always?), no need to install.

  • 8088

    Checksums calculator is a GUI tool to calculate MD5 checksums which can run under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

    Ubuntu version

  • slhck

    typoknig is correct in that Ubuntu comes with md5sum. It is part of the GNU coreutils package, which is included in almost every desktop Linux distro by default.

    However, if for some unlikely reason coreutils is not installed, you can go to and download the package file (as well as any necessary dependencies, if you don't have those already), then install it with sudo dpkg -i <filename>, where <filename> is the name of the package file.

    (This works for any other package as well - they are all available from, so if you need to install an application on some PC without an internet connection you can install packages manually if necessary. Just make sure to install the required dependencies first.)

    EDIT: However, based on your earlier question, this is not actually your problem. You need to install the libssl-dev package.

  • slhck

    coreutils should contain md5sum. If you don't have even that installed... you have bigger problems than not being able to md5sum. (like no ls, cat, mkdir...)

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  • netvope

    I tested the speed of md5sum on a few Ubuntu 8.04 servers

    • Pentium III 700 MHz: 52 MB/s
    • Atom 1.6 GHz, 32-bit: 119 MB/s
    • Core 2 (Yorkfield) 2.5GHz, 32-bit: 194 MB/s
    • Core 2 (Yorkfield) 2.5GHz, 64-bit: 222 MB/s

    Then I downloaded a tool (by apt-get install) called md5deep and found that it's roughly 20% faster (as tested on the 32-bit Core 2 server). This makes me feel that the "vanilla" md5sum included in Ubuntu isn't the fastest one.


    1. Other than md5deep, are you aware of any MD5 calculators that are potentially faster than md5sum? (Answers for software from other OS are also welcomed.)
    2. If I want to compile md5sum myself, what compiler options would you suggest for the Core 2 server? (note: gcc 4.2.4 in Ubuntu 8.04 does not seem to support -march=core2)

    Edit: I downloaded and compiled coreutils-8.4 on the 64-bit Core 2 server and the speed increased to 320 MB/s... Unbelievable!

    FYI, the one included in Ubuntu 8.04 is coreutils-6.10.

    Is it safe to replace coreutils with a newer version?

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  • purefusion

    Just thought I'd chime in to add some updated speed benchmarks.

    Using md5sum on Ubuntu 10.10, which uses coreutils 8.5:

    • Core 2 Quad (Kentsfield) 2.66GHz, 64-bit: 404 MB/s