How to install the Windows 7 Canon CR2 (Raw) driver on a netbook or other low resolution device

  • Justin Dearing

    When you attempt to install the Cannon Raw Driver on a machine with less than 1024x768 resolution you get the following error message

    This software does not support screen resolutions lower than 1024x768. Please change your screen resolution to 1024x768 or higher.

    I have a Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 with a maximum resolution of 1024x600. It is running windows 7. As per this question, there is no built in tool for Windows for setting a higher virtual resolution than your physical resolution. My video driver does not include one either.

    So is their an alternative installer for this driver without the resolution requirement, or is there a way to install this driver without attaching an external monitor?

    Note: If you do want to go the external monitor route, which I just did, it is necessary to make the external minitor the "main" monitor.

  • Answers

    If your edition of Windows 7 is at least Windows 7 Professional, you should be able to use Remote Desktop to connect to your laptop remotely. When connecting, choose a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 for your remote desktop.

    Typing your problem into Google yielded this answer and a link which suggests that if your laptop has an Intel GMA video adapter (and another Google search suggests it does), you can use AsTray Plus to increase the resolution of your screen.

    AsTray Plus is a freeware, which was developed by BASSAM.

    The basic function for this utility is to emulate and switch customized resolutions for Eeepc.

    It was programmed for non-platform-limited, which means AsTray Plus should work for all computers which have an intel GMA device installed.

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    windows - How does one extract the Canon ip4600 drivers in inf form?
  • Questioner

    I have a x64 machine which needs "additional drivers" for x86 clients. The problem I have is I cannot get the proper .inf files so I can use them. Canon only provides an .exe file, which when extracted has other .exe files and some dll files.

    I believe Canon changed their drivers, because I did have them extracted at one point, but sadly did not save them :(.

    The drivers are available here. Hopefully I am clear in what I am trying to do. Canon provides the .exe file. The .exe file when extracted does not produce any .inf driver files.


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  • CGA

    You could try extracting the contents of the exe file using Universal extractor. It works quite well with most exe files and it's free so it could be worth a try.

  • jspiers

    You have to use the drivers from the Windows XP 64 installer. For my IP1600, I had to download the windows XP 64 bit driver, extract it, and point to the extracted folder. I used Universal Extractor to extract the files. The file was called "ip1600.inf" in my case, so I would guess "ip4600.inf" for yours? Good luck!

  • Seasoned Advice (cooking)

    I had a similar problem - Windows 7 x64 client, Vista x86 32-bit server. If I connected the iP4600 directly to the client, then driver installed OK. If I connected the iP4600 to the Vista 32-bit server, then tried to add the printer as a remote printer from my 64-bit client machine, no driver could be found for the client.

    Managed to solve the problem by explicitly downloading the Vista x64 driver from here on my Windows 7 client PC, then adding the remote printer again.