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  • aring

    I have a new laptop which combines the PgUp/Home and PgDn/End keys, requiring a function key to be pressed for the Home/End use. Since I regularly use Home and End, but rarely use Page Up/Down I want to rebind the keys in Windows 8 (I have already done so in linux). I haven't been able to find information regarding where/how to modify key bindings in this way. How can it be done?

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  • G Koe


    With keyboard remapping you are able to change, disable, modify keyboard functions to make them act like other keys or assign hot-keys to replace keyboard combinations.

    Some folks have noticed that AHK doesn't behave well in windows 8, but I followed the advice here and have happily remapped.

  • aring

    After some research, I found a lifehacker post which covers this. It suggests using an application called KeyTweak, available for free. The lifehacker page was having some loading issues making the links harder to click, so here is the download page for KeyTweak. I used this to adjust my keys in Windows 8, with no problems.

    I found the half teach mode to be particularly helpful. In this mode, you press a button which causes the application to "listen" for a key press. When one occurs, it identifies the exact button identifier (in my case these were 5 digit numbers). You can then select from a list the button action you want associated with that key press. There is also a full teach mode, however I did not try that. All changes are prepared and not put into effect until you click apply (and restart).

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  • Quassnoi

    I have a Microsoft Wireless keyboard.

    It uses one key for both Pause/Break and Scroll Lock. You can switch between them using F Lock.

    For functional keys to work, F Lock should be on which turns this button into Scroll Lock mode.

    However, I use Break much more often, so each time I need to press it I need to press F Lock then Break then F Lock again.

    Can I change the key binding somehow so that when F Lock is on, the button is a Break, and when it's off, the button is a Scroll Lock?


    The Break is quite a special key: it sends a 6-byte scancode (E1 1D 45 E1 9D C5) on press and nothing on release.

    I wasn't able to remap it using SharpKeys.

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  • Dave Webb

    There are various tools for remapping keys in Windows. You need to map your Break key to Scroll Lock and vice versa.

    You can alter key mappings permanently by setting particular Registry keys. I have used SharpKeys to do this and found it easy to use.

    If you want something more advanced there is AutoHotKey. This allows you to do simple key mappings like SharpKeys but also has a scripting language. This means you can do things like make remapping only work in certain applications or make a singe keystroke do several things. If you have a look on LifeHacker there are various AutoHotKey scripts which will give you an idea of how powerful it can be.

  • alpha1

    Give AHK a shot, you can do custom remapping. compile the script and start at boot.

  • Tom Wijsman