How to play VOB files on Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

  • Jacek

    Anybody know, how to play VOB files on Windows 8 Consumer Preview? You can play DVD disc on W8CP, but if you copy directory VIDEO_TS, and then try to play VTS_01_1,VOB (and so on) as in Windows 7 without any problems works, no chance. Any idea how to resolve this issue?

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  • ZaB

    Videolan client aka vlc is available at videolan website. It plays all sorts of mpeg including mp3, DVD, DVB-S, BluRay and you name it.

    Media center would play only DVDs in DVD drive.

  • Shoshana Marmon

    There are actually more of players that can do that besides VLC, like Aimp or Media Player classic and so on, as far as they say in this article.

    I personally have Aimp and I love it. Works great and with all the formats I can think of.

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    Codecs to play .vob files in Windows Media Player?
  • GetFree

    I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium and I cant find codecs for Windows Media Player that allows it to play .vob files.
    I know there are other media players that play these files, but I’d like to use WMP for everything.

    Do you know of any codec pack or individual codec/filter that adds that capability to WMP??

    PS: I’ve already tried K-Lite codec pack, Vista Codec Pack, Media Player Codec Pack.

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  • hbdgaf

    KLite mega does this...there is more than one version of klite though...make sure you get klite mega. Windows media player might not like to play VOBs that don't appear to be on a DVD though...It seems like i got it to see a folder as a dvd once. MS trying to copy protect stuff. alternately, you could convert from vob to something WMP friendly.

  • kinokijuf

    FFDShow does include a DVD decoder.

  • Corey

    Download the CCCP, and all your codec problems will be solved. Probably.