newlines - How to put a line break in an equation in MS Word 2007 or newer

  • Jukka K. Korpela

    When working with an Equation object in MS Word 2007 or newer, is there a way to force a line break inside the equation?

    Using Shift Enter causes a line break, but it also breaks the equation, i.e. then I have two equations instead of one. It seems that some operations (alignments) still operate on them as a unit, whereas the operation of converting from display formula to inline formula treats them as separate equations. I wonder whether this is serious.

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  • Isaac Rabinovitch

    When in doubt, right-click. The context menu for equations includes a "manual break" command.

  • Raymond Anderson

    I just had the same problem, but solved it differently because I could not figure out the "manual break". I might be on Word 2010. My solution was to insert a matrix, one cell for each line that I required. I needed 5 lines, but more can be inserted.

    Raymond Anderson Johannesburg

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    Is there a way to search for equations in Word 2007 documents?
  • FMc

    I have many large Word 2007 documents containing a few dozen equations each. Is there a way to locate the equations using Word's Find command, or do I have to hunt for them old-school?

    I tried searching for a graphic (^g) and and field (^d), but that didn't do the trick. Am I missing something obvious? Might there be a way to do this using VB or some other trick?


    It appears that the go-to-equation feature is broken in Office 2007. The feature can be accessed from the "Go To" tab on Word's Find dialog.

    See some discussion here.

    Also, in VB one can observe the following:

    ' Works: advances to the next footnote.
    Sub GoToFootnote()
        Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToFootnote
    End Sub
    ' Does nothing, even though wdGoToEquation is a
    ' documented item in the WdGoToItem enumeration.
    Sub GoToEquation()
        Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToEquation
    End Sub


    -> More
    -> Format
    -> Font = Cambria Math   (or whatever font your equations use)

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  • Jordan 1GT

    You need the "Go To" dialog box. You can get it by typing ctrl + g or on the Home tab, click the drop down on the "Find" button and choose "Go To".

    The Go To dialog box lets you go to equations. You'll see it on the list on the left side of the box.

  • MrBrody

    Sorry for unearthing this old post, but I had the same problem, and apparently, the "go to" feature only finds MathType equations, and probably also the equations entered with the old 3.0 equation editor, but not the ones produced with the Alt+= command. The workaround proposed is indeed the only way I see working.

    I just wanted to add that piece of information!