partitioning - How to recover bitlocker encrypted partition that is now 'unallocated'/'free space'?

  • Atishay Jain

    My hard drive had 5 partitions(including 1(some 4-5GB) bit locker encrypted one). When I used disk mgmt I could view 2 partitions(24.4GB and 8.94GB) in green colour labeled Empty space.

    So, I wanted to merge them and I used minitool partition wizard for the purpose. I don't know, what that software did, but all I was left with 2 partitions and lots of green free space.

    I recovered 2 partitions using EaseUS partition master, but the bitlocker encrypted partition cannot be searched by it(and also minitool partition recovery).

    Now, the disk mgmt shows 2 free space partitions of 28.36GB and 8.94GB respectively. Here is a screenshot

    Please, tell me a way to recover the bitlocker encrypted partition that is showing as a free space in disk management. P.S. - It contains very important data.

  • Answers
  • Canadian Luke

    BitLocker cannot be recovered without the certificate created with it, and the data currently in tact. That's part of their security.

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  • Daniel Plaisted

    I upgraded from a 250 GB hard drive to a 1.5 TB hard drive. I cloned the data from the old drive onto the new drive. Now I want to expand my main partition (C:) to take up the additional space. Unfortunately, there is a 300 MB partition directly after the C: partition, which I believe is the Bit Locker boot drive.

    Is there a way to move the 300 MB partition to the end of the available space so that I can expand the C: partition? Or is there some other way to get the C: drive to take advantage of the additional space without formatting and reinstalling?

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  • James T

    You can boot a GParted boot CD which will let you move the 300 MB partition to the end and expand C.