How to remove a "ghost" file icon from the Windows Vista Home Premium desktop

  • don3838

    I have a file with a .VOB extension, allegedly of the size .99GB, on my desktop, but I can't get rid of it or do anything with it. It's just stuck there. Is there a painless way to make it go away that doesn't involve digging into the scary areas of Windows where I don't want to go?

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  • aqua

    You want to delete the file using the Command Prompt. (It's not scary at all!)

    First open a command prompt window at the Desktop, following the steps here:

    Next you can use the command

    del <FILENAME>.VOB to delete your file. Replace <FILENAME> with the name of your file.


    To see the list of files on your Desktop, just type dir right after you open the command prompt following the first step above.

  • Simon Sheehan

    If you can’t remove the file even from command prompt, do a chkdsk /f .

  • PriceChild

    Is it actually clickable or really a 'ghost'/artifact type thing?

    If its the latter, click and drag the 'real' icon somewhere.

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    Adding icon (.ico) images to files in Windows Vista
  • Pim Jager

    I have a load of .bat files that I want to give custom .ico images (could be any other format, but I expect Windows Vista wants .ICOs). How do I add specific .ico images to files in Windows Vista?

    I can't find a 'change icon' button or anything under the properties for the file. I know you can do this for folders, but is it possible for files?

    I do not wish to change the icon for all batch files, but change the icon for each one individually. Thus file1.bat would have icon1.ico and file2.bat would have anotherIcon.ico

    I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate (but I expect that this should be possible in each version?)

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  • Duey

    Put all your bat and ico files in a production folder then create shortcuts to the individual bat files in your launch folder (i.e. desktop, startmenu).

    Then right click each shortcut and select properties to set icons.