norton ghost - How to restore a GHO disk image file?

  • Jader Dias

    Ghost Explorer can open and extract files, but to use this I would need a USB bootable Live Windows.

    I tried Symantec Ghost, but it seems that it needs a server in the same network to work.

    What will restore a system partition from a GHO file?

  • Answers
  • dash17291

    Try Symantec Ghost Solution Suite:

    Burn a CD from the image file, and boot your computer with it.

    Trialware is available.

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    windows explorer - How to open ".gho" image files created by Norton Ghost v11.5?
  • NT.

    In the past I had a Ghost Explorer single-file .exe that could show everything that was in a .gho image.

    Which version of Ghost Explorer can open .gho image files that were created by Norton Ghost v11.5? (For viewing,extracting etc...)

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  • Lawand

    The latest version, which is available on Symantec FTP server, will probably do.

  • init

    There are several Ghost Explorer versions available, such as these:

    Probably the last one is the newest, since recent Ghost versions use another file format.