How to set up dial-up connection using xubuntu?

  • alfred mitchell

    I installed xubuntu on an older machine and can't find the modem or where you set up the internet connection. Where can I find the options or wizard to do this?

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  • bbaja42

    Depending on the hardware setting up dial-up can be little troublesome, the following link has helped me in setting up my dial-up connection -> dialupWIKI

    I can't be more specific unless you could tell me model of your modem.

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  • Bevan

    I'm setting up an old Thinkpad 600e laptop using Xubuntu. The machine has only 160MB of memory (all I could find - 32MB onboard, + 2 x 64MB expansions), so it's paging like mad during normal use.

    I'm wondering if there's a way to achieve something like Vista's ReadyBoost on this laptop to improve it's performance.

    I have a reasonably recent PC(MCIA) Card for reading flash memory, and a 256MB Memory Stick Pro that suits, but this does't show up as a volume when I insert it. (I've spent several evenings with Professor Google trying to solve this, but to to avail).

    I'm using a 3Com PC Card for networking, so I know the PCMCIA subsystem is up and running.

    A small USB Key I plugged in worked fine for transferring files, so I figure hotplug support is working too.

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  • MDMarra

    How to: ReadyBoost with Ubuntu Linux

    mind you, Ubuntu, even in its 'lightest' flavor with the Xfce desktop environment is a rather heavy weight linux distro compared to DSL or Puppy.

  • Ryan Thompson

    You can simply create and activate a swap partition on the flash drive, but keep in mind that if you do this, your computer will crash if the flash drive is unplugged.