windows - How to set up Ultra VNC (UVNC) so it refreshes automatically

  • Alex Toville

    Using Ultra VNC (latest version as of Jan 2014) with host only on target PC (win XP SP3 or Win 7) and viewer - inside a LAN: the remote access works fine EXCEPT that on any changes made from the viewer, I have to refresh the screen (click on refresh symbol) in order to see what changes on the host PC. This gets a bit slow, and not necessary on a fast internal LAN. How can I set the host to refresh after any viewer click/ changes?

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  • Ravi Shankar

    Can some one suggest me the best network application debugging tools. As I am trying to connect to remote VNC server uisng windows 7. I have diabled windows firewall and antivirus but sitll not able to connect to the remote server. I have also tried Putty to connect to the remote pc but was not successfull. But when I try to access the PC using windows I can access the shared documents.

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  • Joel Coehoorn

    Can you tracert to the remote server successfully? If not, at was point does the trace stop? If you can, check the configuration on the server, as VNC can be configured to reject connections based on different requirements.

  • pcapademic

    It might be time to check out pcap or wireshark, just to make sure that the connection is going out on the line. Perhaps running winpcap on the server (or tcpdump, if the server is UNIX) would help you isolation the problem to your host or to your server.