windows 7 - how to view text files with line length more than 1024?

  • javapowered

    I've created text file which contains 100 000 of 'a' and doesn't contain "new line" symbols. I've placed it here if this is important

    I've tried "Notepad" and "Lister from TotalCommander" editors and both of them limit line length to 1024. But I don't need to wrap text at all, i.e. a want to see just one very long line.

    Is it possible? What editor to use?

  • Answers
  • Akash

    Notepad++ opens the file fine, a single very long line

    Use the "no installation required" version to test if its OK for your needs and install it if its OK

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  • Jedijax

    How can I get explorer thumbnails for my simple .txt files? I have been asking this around for a long time, and only got two options, which were overly elaborated and ineffectual, and aesthetically horrible.

    Hope anyone knows, as txt is the only common file in my system that doesn't show thumbnail previews in windows explorer...

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  • Mark C

    First, what were the two options? Sometimes there are limitations in Windows that you simply cannot change.

    Second, have you already been to this thread? Search for "Thumbnail Extensions 1.03" and "Free-Powerful Shell Extensions". There is a concise description of the first item here on MSFN.