drivers - I can't add a fingerprint to Windows 7

  • damryfbfnetsi

    I am trying to set up my fingerprint to log on in Windows 7 32-bit on my Sony VGN-SR590GPB laptop. I also experience the same problem on my other laptop with the same setup, a Sony VGN-Z56TG. I tried going to Control Panel -> Biometric Devices and then clicking on the option to use my fingerprint with Windows. This opens up Internet Explorer and links me to, on which it gives me a "this page can't be displayed" error. (When I open the link in CoolNovo instead of Internet Explorer, it appears to go to, which also gives me a DNS error.) I can't find the drivers for my PC online (only drivers for Windows 7 64-bit and Windows XP are displayed). Should I try installing the Windows XP drivers (which are 32-bit), or is it impossible to use the fingerprint sensor in this configuration?

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  • Xheralt

    Had the same issue with my HP laptop, which had been reimaged with a regular (non-HP) Win7 install. There are two parts needed for this puzzle, the hardware drivers (which Windows will pull down automatically), and the application to use the hardware (what you're being directed to the 404 site to fetch). Going to HP's driver selection for the laptop, I had to download HP's ProtectTools suite, which includes the application software. You'll have to hunt down Sony's equivalent through their support site.

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  • Robin Day

    I use the biometrics fingerprint reader in Windows 7 using an HP nc4400 laptop.

    Everything works really well.

    From a purely "cool/geek" factor I'd like to see the images of the fingerprint scans. I'm sure I remember with XP and HP's own software it used to show the scan as you logged.

    Is there anyway to use the fingerprint reader in windows 7 and see the images as they're scanned?

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  • NoBugs

    This page details how to see the scans from Linux. You could probably compile the aes2501 utility for Windows and use that, or integrate it into your own application.